Hello! I have been creating ‘something’ since I was in third grade when I received my first sewing machine. My first project was a pair of funky purple paisley, bell-bottomed, hand sewn, barbie doll pants!

I had 2 aunts that spent time teaching me how to do hand-embroidery, crewel, candlewicking, needlepoint, anything with a needle, you name it. I also learned to crochet and made a ton more barbie doll clothes. My barbies were the best dressed in the neighborhood for sure! We would have music shows where I would sing every word of Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colors’. Have you ever listened to that song? It was written for me, right down to the kids teasing her for wearing that coat to school ‘that my momma made for me, made only from rags, but I wore it so proudly’.

I remember the first time I saw something stitched on a pair of denim jeans. I couldn’t believe it! How did they do that? By hand? By machine? I was in love, instantly. I’ve always loved monogramming, I mean who doesn’t want their initials sewn on to every piece of clothing, every piece of luggage, every piece of bedding? I never tire of the perusing all of the embroidery thread colors and matching them to items people want embroidered. I want them to stand out, to be different, to say ‘Now that’s different! Where on earth did you get that?’ I hope to get you as excited about machine embroidery and to see you soon for a chat!

Stitcher's Box Course
by Wild Mae

A Machine Embroidery Course from Beginner to Small Business
Creative Community, Machine Embroidery, Collaborative Coaching

Looking for a creative community to share insights and bounce ideas off of? Want to be in a positive environment that focuses on Machine Embroidery? Wanting to collaborate with a coach that has fresh ideas and current perspectives on the craft and business? Sign Up for our Stitcher’s Box Course by Wild Mae! Find us on Facebook @ Stitcher’s Box by Wild Mae

Machine Embroidery Stitcher’s Course

Be one of the ‘founding members’ of this course, where we will take the guesswork out and help you learn, develop and sharpen the skills you need to get started Machine Embroidery. Are you new to the craft of Machine Embroidery? Have you been trying to navigate the waters for a while now? Do you have goals to start a small business? Are you frustrated by the lack of information out there and tired of piecing it all together and still not getting anywhere? Are you looking for a Live Creative Community, and a Live Collaborative Coach for all your Machine Embroidery questions, fears, and concerns? This is the perfect opportunity to participate in the Stitcher’s Box Course by Wild Mae at an affordable price point. Once you sign up for the Wait List, you will receive a FREE .pdf checklist of the top 10 things you need to begin machine embroidery. Take a sigh of relief knowing that you have found the support you have been looking for! I can't wait to meet you ~ Wild Mae