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Are you new to the craft of Machine Embroidery?

Have you been trying to navigate the waters for awhile now? Are you frustrated by the lack of information out there and tired of piecing it all together and still not getting anywhere?

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Be one of the first founding members for my new course featuring everything you need to get started in our Machine Embroidery Stitcher’s Course. Are you looking for a Live Creative Community, and a Live Collaborative Coach for all of your Machine Embroidery questions, fears, and concerns? Then you have found the right course! Once you sign up for the Wait List, you will receive a FREE outline of the course and what you can anticipate that will get you on the road to your new craft or small business, the choice is yours! Take a sigh of relief knowing that you have found the support you have been looking for! I can’t wait to meet you!

~ Wild Mae