Uniques & Antiques

Welcome! We have a 16+ year history in the Unique and Antique business. We encourage potential vendors to come in and see what we have to offer at our venue. We allow a small percentage of retail products that are unique and not found anywhere else. We do not allow duplicates of retail items, handmade and Antiques are always welcome. We encourage social media interaction to contribute to the success of our/your business. We charge by the space:

Booth Spaces: starting from $125 to $500, respectively, it depends on the space.

Wall Space: starting at $65 and up.

We charge 8% commission, which includes credit card fees.

We offer an optional Vendor Inquiry service for an additional $5 monthly fee that 100% of our vendors that have it LOVE!

Our DIY space can be rented out by the day or weekend, depending on your needs.

We also offer a private Vendor Group on Facebook for special announcements, after hours times when store will be opened for vendors.

Come out and see us, talk to our vendors, talk to our customers, find out why we have been here 16+ years and why they love having their businesses here and love shopping with us.

Stitcher's Box Course
by Wild Mae

A Machine Embroidery Course from Beginner to Small Business
Creative Community, Machine Embroidery, Collaborative Coaching

Looking for a creative community to share insights and bounce ideas off of? Want to be in a positive environment that focuses on Machine Embroidery? Wanting to collaborate with a coach that has fresh ideas and current perspectives on the craft and business? Sign Up for our Stitcher’s Box Course by Wild Mae! Find us on Facebook @ Stitcher’s Box by Wild Mae

Machine Embroidery Stitcher’s Course

Be one of the ‘founding members’ of this course, where we will take the guesswork out and help you learn, develop and sharpen the skills you need to get started Machine Embroidery. Are you new to the craft of Machine Embroidery? Have you been trying to navigate the waters for a while now? Do you have goals to start a small business? Are you frustrated by the lack of information out there and tired of piecing it all together and still not getting anywhere? Are you looking for a Live Creative Community, and a Live Collaborative Coach for all your Machine Embroidery questions, fears, and concerns? This is the perfect opportunity to participate in the Stitcher’s Box Course by Wild Mae at an affordable price point. Once you sign up for the Wait List, you will receive a FREE .pdf checklist of the top 10 things you need to begin machine embroidery. Take a sigh of relief knowing that you have found the support you have been looking for! I can't wait to meet you ~ Wild Mae